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The first diagram shows mean results for reading and writing in several patterns. Hitachi drives hadn't hitachi deskstar 7k500 brilliant multi-threaded read and write performance before. All the more pleasant to see the new 7K drives and especially T7K models to get better here.

Hitachi Deskstar 0A SATA Hard Drive

Moreover, multi-threaded reading performance hitachi deskstar 7k500 our models under review evidently got better it mostly has to do with the increased transfer rates of the platters. They are now outperformed only by the best drives from Maxtor and Samsung see detailed results. Now let's have a look at how the hard drives fair in old but still popular Disk WinMark 99 tests from the WinBench 99 package. We carry out these tests not only for the beginning but also for the middle part in terms of capacity of physical hard drives for two file systems.

The diagrams display average results. It should be stressed that in this case hitachi deskstar 7k500 driver of the SiI controller has optimization on the file system. It caches OS accesses and enlarges access blocks, so super-high results of this controller in Business test should not be taken to heart.

Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K500 hard drive

The difference between T7K and 7K is minimal in this test. High results of these drives in Quiet Seek mode speak of little effect of random access performance on PCmark04, if HDD cache is efficient. Hitachi drives also enjoy a positive effect from the increased hitachi deskstar 7k500 in the similar track test C'T H2benchW.


Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Max Operating Temperature. Humidity Range Operating. Insightfill 14 years ago Slashdotted!

Hope things stay up today! Their rebates have yet to fail me, and they email me when hitachi deskstar 7k500 get them Granted, its PATA and a bit slower then this drive, and I know this GB beast is good for cases with one drive bay, but it does have positives.

Thats one of my problems; I always hitachi deskstar 7k500 big drives in pairs, so I can back it up easily. Dissonance 14 years ago Scores were very consistent through all three test runs for all six drives.

Darkmage 14 years ago Probably not. Darkmage 14 years ago Hitachi deskstar 7k500 glad to help. GodsMadClown 14 years ago I just got a job with a consulting firm that does electronic document management for legal clients.

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Klopsik 14 years ago My first hard drive was 1MB?! Busted out spinrite after that and I had a 1 to 1 interleave on my drives:. Kurlon 14 years ago I remember playing with MFM drives, setting hitachi deskstar 7k500 SPT higher and higher till you hitachi deskstar 7k500 data errors, back down a notch, and smile as your 20mb drive stores 25mb, etc. Then when RLL controllers came out, my 20mb drive lept to about 35mb.

Hitachi DeskStar 7K500 (500GB) Specs & Prices

Nullvoid 14 years ago I still hitachi deskstar 7k500 a deskstar 75gxp sitting in a cupboard, fully functional after all this time. Vertigo 14 years ago Probably the ones that were going to fail, have already failed. Buub 14 years ago I think the whole thing is hitachi deskstar 7k500 bit overblown. Palek 14 years ago Yeah. Register for FMS. That sounds insane when you talk about a pristine digital signal.

Hitachi Deskstar 7K - Storage Reviews

Is it possible those measurements are in the wrong units? Oh well.

It hitachi deskstar 7k500 fun while it lasted, Hitachi.Introduction. Hitachi's Deskstar series of drives have always been rather polarizing here at StorageReview as well as around the enthusiast. We've never done a review of a single hard disk before but this Hitachi drive justifies the attention. It's the first GB disk drive to hit the.


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