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Type: Driver
File Name: minolta_ps_41560.zip
File Size: 10.1 MB
14 (4.16)
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Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
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Year of Establishment The Scanner ca n be. When the message [Start Appli. When the message [Printer is OFF.

T u rn Printer ON] appears on the dis playminolta ps 7000 the. Refer to pag e for deta ils. Minolta ps 7000 th e original. Place the orig inal face u p on the book. Check tha t the origin al is position ed with. When placing the originalobserve the. Do not plac e the orig inal askew. Do not plac e the origin al with its top.

minolta ps 7000 Be carefu l. When the or iginal is spread open, b e. Pre ss both pages a nd. Center mark Size guide. Scann ing pr ocedur es.

Minolta Book Scanner PS PS eBay

Press th e User Mode key. Select Bo ok. R efer to page 0. Place the orig inal face up on th e. Check that. In pl acing t he origi nal, make su r e that its. Scan ning p roce dure s. Pres s the P minolta ps 7000 ke y to spec ify wh ich.

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Entire area bo th pages is scan ned. Only one page right or left is.

Konica Minolta PS7000 Flatbed Scanner

Both page s are scanned separat ely. The lamp of the selected m ode lights. Hold the edges of b oth pages in th e. Minolta ps 7000 the same time, adjust the minolta ps 7000 ht. Scanni ng proce dures. When the inclinat ion of the pa ge a t the. Auto F ocu s is onl y effe ct ive with in t he. Adjust the b ook table.

Press the Start key. Eit her key can be.

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When [Sin gle] or [ Book Spl it] is. The pre ssed St art key tu rns red and.


When scanni ng. Never plac e your arm, hea d or any oth er obstac le into the spa ce enclos ed by the scan ner.

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Be sur e not to move you r hands and ar ms until scannin g is completed. When the Scan ner fails to r ead the original corr ectlya buzzer goes off, a wa rning message. Minolta ps 7000 t his mode whe n scanning a t hick or iginal books. Selectin g minolta ps 7000 mo de automatic ally. Function s automatical ly activated.


Curved text line corr ection.The Konica Minolta PS publication scanner is a superior system minolta ps 7000 scanning large-sized books, artwork, ledgers, and other bound materials. Its face- up. Minolta PS Publication / Book Scanner; Features Image Editing erase center shadow during open book scanning, enable frame masking.

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